About Us

The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation, founded in 1987, is a family foundation that supports nonprofit organizations in Washington, Oregon and Alaska. The Foundation is dedicated to the preservation and restoration of nature, including wildlife and their required habitats. It also supports the institutions that present nature and our rich cultural heritage to the public.


Hugh S. Ferguson (1916-2011)
Jane A. Ferguson (1918-1994)
Ellen L. Ferguson


Amy Wilcox

Amy Wilcox is the Foundation Advisor for The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation. Amy brings more than 25 years of experience in nonprofit and government administration, leadership and management to this role. Her areas of expertise include conservation and environmental protection, education, and arts and culture. Amy believes in the power of humanitarian service to transform communities. She is constantly amazed by the breadth of projects conducted by The Hugh and Jane Ferguson Foundation grantees and is inspired by the impactful work being accomplished throughout the Pacific Northwest.